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ENERGY AIRSOFT is a new brand of airsoft batteries. Our batteries have been developed to specifically answer the needs of AEG replicas, which are known to use a lot of energy. We’ve challenged our engineers and our best airsoft players to be able to bring to you the most advanced airsoft batteries. This will not be a surprise to find them in all the shops and playgrounds around the world from now on!

ENERGY AIRSOFT engineers have been working hard to deliver the best of LIPO and NIMH batteries. And our products are packaged so as to provide everything a player may need: batteries with cable protection, tester (for the LiPo), safe bag and a set of adaptors to be used with any AEG on the market.

We are always looking for new partners or resellers, so feel free to contact us if you want to become one of our business partners. We will be glad to discuss with you about projects and opportunities and to set a long-lasting partnership between you and ENERGY AIRSOFT.


Why be an ENERGY AIRSOFT reseller? Because there are only two kind of shops: those proposing ENERGY AIRSOFT batteries and those who don’t!

Let us show you the advantages of our products and how they will increase your sales.

Please contact us by email and we'll discuss it.